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Body Training Systems are Ireland and Northern Ireland's innovators in fitness. Our knowledge and experience is underpinned by our consistently being first to market in the fitness educational sector with big brand names like TRX, TriggerPoint, ZUU, Ankorr Vipr, CYBEX, Amer Sports group, Precor, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Keiser, UnderArmour and Hummel.

Leading Courses By Leading Instructors

At Body Training Systems we always aim to facilitate the leading courses in fitness delivered by the best-in-class trainers, instructors and experts. Our courses are aimed at all levels and range in formats from semester long weekend courses to one day seminars, ensuring all have the oppotunity to maximise their potential and reach their goals.

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800+ Personal Trainers Qualified.
31260+ Hours of training delivered.

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Level 4 Personal Trainer

Kick start your Fitness career with the most up to date and comprehensive personal trainer qualification. Study and train in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland's leading educational institution. Fine tune your Personal Training skills in purposed built facilities and learn from the best in the industry...


Level 4 Intermediate / Advanced Pilates Course

A pilates matwork teacher’s role includes planning, teaching and adapting Pilates programmes for 1:1 and group matwork sessions across a range of clients. Information will be collected and analysed for each client, on a regular basis, to ensure that programmes are safe, appropriate and effective. As...


PT Sports Massage & Rehabilitation

The main aim of this course is to enable learners to gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide Therapy.  It has been designed to provide learners with the knowledge, understanding and skills to work in an unsupervised capacity as a massage therapist, with non-pathological (non-i...


Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 1

The IKFF CKT Level 1 course is perfect for beginning, intermediate and even advanced k-bell practitioners. You will learn the proper mechanics/alignment, breathing and groove (k-bell trajectory and position) for all the classical lifts. The IKFF prides itself as being an evolving and ever improving ...


Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level 2

The CKT Level 2 certification builds on the principles taught in level 1 – proper mechanics/alignment, proper breathing and proper groove (k-bell trajectory and position). Utilizing this information as a base, the CKT Level 2 certification focuses on double k-bell work with an emphasis on enhanced ...


IKFF Certified Movement Specialist

We are excited to announce the launch of our Certified Movement Specialist. Developed by Steve Cotter specifically for coaches, trainers, martial artists and individuals who want to maximise results without equipment. CMS draws on Steve’s experience of different disciplines, methods and practices. T...


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